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Knitting in Japan

Eek! March 9, 2009

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Ouch, how long since I last updated this blog?! Lots of WIPs, too many to report just now *lol*


Treacle Mine Shawl April 6, 2008

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I’m currently working on the beautiful North Roë shawl from Aux Dentelles Dodiles, and finding it astonishingly easy for lace, something which I have always managed to screw up royally on previous attempts. (OK, maybe I have one teeny tiny mistake…)

Anyway, I’m using some Diakeito Diagold which I bought in Ogaki 2 years ago (yikes!) which is in a rather nice lavender shade. As I was knitting I looked at the yarn and at chart 2 and thought of lilacs, so I decided to just do chart one once and then chart 2 for the rest of the shawl. I’ve christened ‘The Glorious 25th of May’ in tribute to my favourite Pratchett novel, Night Watch.


So far it’s going pretty quick – I took this pic yesterday and have done a whole chart repeat since then, and the top is over half it’s final length already! (wrist to opposite shoulder)


*blush* April 4, 2008

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I’m very flattered! Recently I made a Slime dishcloth as a housewarming gift for my bf (to recall one happy summer playing Dragon Quest). Today when I logged into Ravelry, and found that the designer had favourited it and asked to use my pic as the featured photo for the pattern! Cool, ne?!

Coming back down to Earth, I finished my Silk Garden socks – and they are downright ugly. Urgh, what a waste of time and good yarn!

See the full horror…



My mum’s long-tail cast-on April 1, 2008

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This is the cast-on my mum taught me. It seems to be a variant of long-tail cast-on, so it makes a nice stretchy all-purpose cast-on, but I’ve never seen anyone else cast on quite this way (some of my friends use a similar method but knit off their thumb instead of their forefinger), so I thought I’d share it. After all, there is no wrong way to knit if the end result is the same and some people might find this way comfortable!

First, make a slip knot and slide it round your needle. The working yarn (attached to the ball!) should be on the right, and the tail is on your left. Make sure the tail is long enough to cast on enough stitches! Pick up the tail in your left hand.


Wrap the tail over your finger.


Now put the tip of the needle through the yarn loop on your finger as if to knit it.


Knit the stitch, as if your finger were the left needle! Pull the yarn gently to tighten the stitch.


And voila!


Lizard Ridge and knitters ADD March 31, 2008

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I seem to have spent the last few days flitting from project to project, doing a few rows of each and not making much progress on any. I have quite a few things in my Ravelry queue, as well, and keep having to struggle with the urge to cast something else on.
But I have just finished the first block of my Lizard Ridge! I only have one ball of Silk Garden left, and some scraps, but that means I can get 2 more blocks done before I have to hit up the LYS.

Knit club later – I wonder if I’ll ever reach the sleeves on my Diacinema raglan?


Ishii Shoten and big projects

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Oh. My. God. I can’t believe I have lived in Ichinomiya for 2 years and never discovered the street in front of Masumida Shrine before! There is a little side street which is lined with stalls groaning with hanks of yarn, which I’m pretty sure is all locally manufactured.
The real jewel, however, has to be a shop called ‘Ishii’. It’s tiny, and a bit grotty-looking, a world away from the image of its website Ami-Ami. But once inside you’ll not even notice the grubby conrete floor. The shelves are absolutely stuffed with hank upon hank of yarn in beautiful colours and textures – the web catalogue is just the tip of the iceberg! Almost half of one side is taken up with a huge selection of Noro yarns, including Kureyon and SG in what looks like every available colourway, the latest collection, and a big pile of odd skeins of older yarns. There are also a few unlabelled Noro yarns elsewhere in the store, such as the normally industry-only ‘Grassland silk’.
The non-Noro yarns are also very much worth a look (and a squeeze!) – check the website for an idea of what’s available.
Prices are very reasonable – for example ‘Teibei’, a laceweight wool/cashmere/silk blend in gorgeous colours is a real bargain at 1400Y for 100g (yarn is sold by weight rather than number of hanks). Noro yarns seem to be 10-20% cheaper than in the nearby department store (Taiyo 1600Y/100g, Kureyon 600Y/50g). Luckily I got an unexpected bonus at work yesterday so I didn’t have to feel guilty about spending 15000Y!
The service is good too. The pleasant older lady who runs the place welcomed me and asked a couple of questions about what I was looking for, then left me to browse, popping up now and again to point out something I might be interested in, but in a helpful, not officious way. Mostly she got on with what she was doing. As she was totting up my purchases, she asked some friendly questions, complimented the sweater I was wearing (my ‘every kureyon in the box’) and finished by throwing a random cone of sparkly yarn in the bag as a free gift!

To get there, come out of the JR side of Owari-Ichinomiya station (10 mins from Nagoya, 7 mins from Gifu) and head straight on across the road, down the street and over the roundabout. You will come to a covered arcade of shops – on the left, opposite, you will see ‘Bags Shop’. Turn left and walk all the way down the arcade. At the end, you should now be facing Masumida Shrine on the other side of the road. Cross over, and take the little street on the right-hand side of the shrine entrance. On one side is a closed shop called ‘Midori-ya’, then a restaurant, on your left will be some small stalls selling fabric. Turn right at the end of the street, and you should find yourself in yarn heaven! It’s about a 10 minute walk.

I bought (amongst other goodies) 2 new skeins of Taiyo, and lots of a lovely wool/silk/alpaca laceweight called ‘Hermitage’ – cute colours and SO pettable I had to start knitting with it right away!

I seem to be casting on a lot of big or fiddly projects just now – I have my SG socks on the needles and have cast on another pair of lace and cable socks for mum, I also have 2 lace shawls on the go, and am 1/3 of the way through my first Lizard Ridge block! And of course the eternal Diacinema raglan…


Unholey heels, Batman! March 9, 2008

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I’ve been sick with a throat infection most of the weekend, so I’ve really cracked on with my silk garden fine socks! I’m using the eye-of-the-partridge heel from’s ‘Chevrolace socks’ and I’m so pleased with the way it has turned out! Normally my heels are full of holes, either from turning or picking up stitches. But this heel is really neat for a change! I think I will be using this a lot.


In other news, I finally blocked my revontulli shawl! I can’t wait to wear it.